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Sissification of sissy Eva

by | Reviews

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU MISTRESS for the best session ever. I will try to describe it.

When i arrive and see you without boots i was disappointed and was to tell you. But when i see them on the floor i knew i was going to help You put them on (thank you mistress and hope to do it every time). When you start giving orders and start telling was what going to happen my mind start running (in unison with your cock). When You said that You were going to make me a sissy maid and that will fuck my pussy. When You rename me as Eva i knew i had to be the best Eva You had. Thank you for making worship Your boots. When you start dressing me as a sissy with garters to sustain the stockings i knew i will enjoy it. The chastity was a little difficult at first and i am sorry that i was thinking with my male persona.

You were wearing the key around Your neck resting between Your breasts so every time a see them more thinking of so near but so far. About the chastity i was all the time gripped by it (i was thinking it was your hand holding me) every moment i was excited i was gripped and loving it. I cannot think of having it on for more than the couple of hours.

When you start dressing me and made me act like a sissy and calling me Eva i had to be my best. The breast forms were really humiliating but been unable to see the chastity make for more humiliation and more erection controlled by the chastity and everything more enhanced. When you rub against me i was in heaven and in hell because of the chastity, been a male but only been able to be a sissy.

Then you start with the corset and tight it to form the female curves and when you put your hands in my corseted waist is a dream come true and again the chastity do his work. Then the stockings were different but when you touch me were electrical and the tabs make it taught and the instruction of being female. The shoe, it were a little different, i was a little disappointed it were not boots (thigh high) but liked it were high heels and can be locked but i was a little afraid of the heels. I really learn to appreciate a woman in high heels and after only using i think for less than an hour at the next day i feel my legs tight that makes me now that when i see a woman in high heels i see her tight legs. The walking was difficult, scary, and exciting, especially since i feel like a sissy when walking. I hope i can learn to walk in them but with boots. I am thinking of wearing one while writing this. When You put me in front of the mirror in a position to use me was very exciting (every time You do it).

Then i have a little rest but the spanking is always scary for me because i do have a low pain threshold (i think is a sissy trend). When You start the enema i knew You were going to use Your strap on making the enema more enjoyable and scary, especially when i had to walk on heels for so a long distance, every muscle in my body was tense. When in the bathroom i had to pee and with the chastity i really feel like a sissy slave, and leaving the door open i was unable to think of doing anything against your wishes and the heels. The heels making even sit different an ii was able to see my legs and the position of them, different but feeling more like a sissy.

When You start spanking me i had to admit that i deserve it but i can not be sure it will happen again sorry mistress, and with the chastity make it hard not to do it. i Was taking liberties assuming that because You gave me permission the first time and i know it was wrong. Thank you for the spanking making me remembering my position. i love it when you start to play with my nipples.

When You start using your fingers and dildos i wanted to be able to serve You the way You deserve. Thank you for the treatment and will try to open up. When You left a dildo in my pussy i was in heaven and when ask to kiss Your ass while kneeling the chastity had to do his work. When seeing You kneeling and with that rubberized ass male thoughts came to my mind but immediately were crushed by the chastity (thanks) so i can remember my place. When kissing Your ass i wanted to apply enough force like if You were sitting on my face and with my hands on Your boots enhance every contact and thoughts.

Mistress i was in heaven when You make me worship / kiss Your Ass and Your boots (every time i have an opportunity i was looking at Your Ass and high heels boots) and been able to use my hands was extremely erotic. The skirt You used was magnificent, its form fitting make anyone kiss Your ass. Please i want it all the time, in all our sessions.

Then You make me worship Your boots and suck on the heels like a penis but when You let me kiss Your thighs. When You tied me to the table i knew it was time. When You climb and put Your ass / pussy at my face (but to high) i just had to smell it and worshipped (but it was not that) after taking the chastity off and start using the dildo i was in heaven. Then when You order me doggy style. The vibrator was a new sensation and knowing that after coming i was going to eat it make to prolong the release.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU AGAIN MISTRESS for the best session ever. You really make me feel like the sissy maid