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Reviews and Testimonials

kind words from my submissives and slaves

Novice Exploration Session

By C- 2022 Chicago Session Our session was far beyond my expectations. I’m unsure why I assumed I wouldn’t enter subspace – and I didn’t even realize I had until you pointed it out, but it was surreal and absolutely incredible. Reading about subspace was nothing...

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Lighter Side of Chicago Mistress – Sensation session

I had plans to visit St. Louis and discovered Mistress Simone’s website. I have a sensation fetish and am not into pain at all, and my initial reaction was that I wasn’t sure we would be a good fit. But when I actually took the time to actually read her website in...

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good boi

I have seen Mistress Simone's website and social media and always wondered what a session would be like. The process started with a simple email followed by a questionnaire and some very non evasive screening. I requested a session in St. Louis that was very easy to...

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Sissification of sissy Eva

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU MISTRESS for the best session ever. I will try to describe it. When i arrive and see you without boots i was disappointed and was to tell you. But when i see them on the floor i knew i was going to help You put them on (thank you...

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Danielle’s foot worship and sensation session

  Dear Ma'am- I was the luckiest sub in the world Wednesday night! I love sensation play and the way you engage in it without pain is amazing.  Thank You so very much for the fantastic sensory play -it was all fantastic! So much activity put into our time...

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Couples session with Ma’am

  Spending time with Mistress Simone is one of our all-time favorite things to do. She's intelligent, witty, imaginative and knowledgeable. In short, if you're looking for a domme to show you the ropes, literally or figuratively, then she's your woman. We cannot...

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Prodomme session review by M

Leather Humiliation session   Upon arriving at the dungeon, I was greeted by Mistress Simone wearing an awesome leather outfit that allowed her to display her body art proudly. Let me tell you that the pictures on her web site do not do her justice. She is...

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Session review by JV

A little about me before I talk about her. I'm a young, fit male who likes to switch but can never find anyone to dominate him. I'm fairly simple in my desires, I don't wish to crossdress or be called names, I just want someone to beat me and enjoy it. Enter Mistress...

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