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A Two-Hour Medical Scene with the lovely Ms. Simone in Irene Boss’s Pittsburgh studio

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The beautiful Ms. Simone, who was dressed in a white doctor’s lab coat, admitted me to the compound. We chatted a bit to get to know one another and then I was required to remove my clothes, which were locked away. I was placed in the standing cage while Dr. Simone reviewed the “kink resume” I had prepared.

I then followed Dr. Simone to the third floor medical suite. I was immediately gagged with a large red rubber ball gag and restrained to the examination table with white leather medical bondage mitts, black bondage booties, with a strap across my mid section and blindfolded. I was unable to see what was happening or resist in any way.

She wasted no time, immediately beginning the planned procedures. My cock and balls were soon pulsing with electricity, I was anally probed and my prostate milked before being plugged. The depths of my urethra were invaded my a series of increasingly larger sounds. I was tormented and teased on the table for a time before being released to go in the bathroom where a paper examination robe awaited me. Donning the robe, I entered the birthing chair room where Dr. Simone waited.

I was soon restrained to the birthing chair, feet in the stirrups and my head encased in a heavy white leather asylum hood, which muffled my hearing as well as taking away my sight. The chair was tilted back, fully exposing my sensitive parts, especially when the paper gown was pulled away. Then I was subjected to more intense electrical treatments and anal dilation before the treatment was complete.

After being released and a quick shower we talked a bit more and I departed.

I found Ms. Simone to be a delightful Mistress. Her experience with medical play was evident, and since we were new to playing together and she was unfamiliar with my body language I could tell she took extra effort to ensure I was ok during the scene. She has a sadistic side, but also a sense of humor. I thoroughly enjoyed the scene and hope someday to again submit to her.