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Leather Dominatrix

Mistress Simone offers Leather Fetish and Domination Sessions in Chicago and Saint Louis

From my teenage years, leather was a factor in my fashion. During these cold and blustery Midwest winters, leather keeps one warm. Gloves, coats, boots – all seem so ordinary – until one has an AH-A moment! In that moment, I realized how soft and sensuous leather feels on one’s curves. From then on I was hooked.

Being a kid of the 80s, leather was more common to locate. Major stores carried it. We had Wilson’s leather. My first major purchase from my first job was a leather dress, which led to a leather skirt, gloves, jacket, pants, lol. And let’s not talk about the boots. I was the teenager that wore the mini skirt and thigh highs to class.

I love everything about leather! My preferred session attire is leather. It triggers something primal and erotic in my mind. When I wear my leather, it makes me feel powerful, dangerous and seductive. More than rope or latex, using a leather collar and cuffs on you when we session creates a classic dominatrix vibe between us.

Leather engages all the senses. Who can resist the smell of leather? When it covers your face and you breathe it in, whether from a hood I place on you or my leather gloved hands covering your mouth, it immediately takes you to a submissive, fetishist headspace. Encased in my leather bondage sack or leather straightjacket, you will feel safe and secure as my leather gloved hands administer delightful torments to your exposed parts. Deep within a leather sensory deprivation hood, you will only be able to feel what I will you too.

The more leather, the better-even encasing your feet in leather booties when you crawl to me.
Leather mitts, gloves, sleeves – your entire body will be my leather puppet.

So, come be engulfed by the dark richness of leather.

old school traditional leather fetish dominatrix chicago and saint louis
Your Midwest Leather Mistress
leather fetish sessions with Mistress Simone in Chicago or St Louis