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CBT -Cock and Ball Torment

Gaining a grasp on things!

Cock and ball… torture, tease or torment. However this common male submissive BDsm activity is phrased, it all boils down to one thing: causing an intense reaction in you by administering various techniques to your soft, naughty bits. Those bits are only here for my amusement- to entertain me while I exert my control over your body. A myriad of implements are at my disposal to do so. And I am a well-known toy whore!

CBT does not simply mean pain. I love creating stimuli ranging from light tickling to extreme needle play. In fact, the less painful, the better it can be. Too much too soon means I can not continue to prolong your suffering at my hands.

My hands are my best tools for controlling your most sensitive bits. Twisting, pinching, kicking or squeezing to make you dance to my control. Literally having you by the balls puts an evil, sadistic smile on my face.
When I tire of using my hands and want to add an element, I turn to my extensive cbt toy collection. At my disposal I have 2 Venus 2000s, a Serious Kit, the Slubb, humblers, estim units, ball presses, chastity cages: both metal & otherwise, and weights. Clamps, ropes, violet wands, whips, slappers- the list is endless of what I can pervert to cause you pain or pleasure on your exposed parts.

CBT Dominatrix Mistress Simone in Chicago and St Louis Studios
What other things can I do to elicit those sighs and gasps I love to hear from you while I manhandle your most sensitive parts?

Some of my favorite Cock and ball fetishes:


Can you say icy hot? Ice Cubes? Wax? Sensation doesn’t always come from impact. Creating a reaction on your skin, one that builds slowly is delightful. This may seem innocent enough until you experience it at my skilled hands.


While collars mark my ownership, tying up your sexual focus removes your freedom and gives me a compact package to target. Restricting the area and tightening the skin makes the stimuli I induce much more potent and effective. Combining my love of bondage with my love of Cock and ball torment places you in some very unusual predicaments. Go ahead and wiggle, it will just pull tighter and hurt more.

CBT Devices

I am a well-known toy whore specifically when it comes to cock & ball devices. All types of devices are in my arsenal. Cock cages, ball presses, parachutes for balls, clamps, gates of hell – all within my reach for controlling your cock. Milking machines create a long term edging experience while you are bound on my table, unable to escape.

Deep Impact

Slapping, punching, whipping till you scream for mercy turns me on. Even simple whimpers when I sink my nails into your delicate cock skin puts a smile on my face. Don’t worry, I won’t permanently damage my play toy. I may bruise it a bit so you can have a reminder of my control over you.


Literally anything I can use to wrap or cover it, I will – who wants to see those wobbly bits unless I am making them dance to my tune! Vet wrap, saran wrap, plaster, tape – the possibilities are endless. The more creative I can be, the better I enjoy it. Combining my love of bondage, cbt and humiliation all at your expense, using you as my canvas.

Electrical- Shock treatment anyone?

I love using my Erostek, PES unit or Zeus to wire up your junk and turn up the juice. Slow steady pulse to edge you for hours will drive you insane with unfulfilled release. Or a quick jolt to bring your attention to where I desire. Here again, the devices I can use to create the electrical control are numerous – Bands, pads, wires and clamps.

Cock/Ball stomping, kicking, crushing

Using my hands and feet to squish your tiny member will make sure you get it right who has the control here. It’s not you. Manhandling you will make sure your mind understands I own you. It is not for your enjoyment or sexual pleasure – it is for my amusement and entertainment. Bringing you to your knees with a swift, accurate kick will teach you that I am your superior. Having you lying at my feet, looking up at your Amazon Goddess while I grind my toes into your soft ball flesh brings you to the ultimate place of submission. Under my Heel! One of my favorite activities is to grab you by the balls and lead you around my dungeon, telling you exactly what your next torment will be.


A caged cock is a happy cock. Leading to a happy Mistress! The control begins when you hand over the key after I lock your useless member in a chastity device. Keyholding is one of my biggest fetishes. Controlling your release, ordering the stimulation-if any – demonstrates the ultimate feminine power. I own you on the most primal level.

Orgasm control and/or denial

Stripping you of all your sexual pleasure and making you earn it is or simply denying you release is much more enjoyable to me than simply causing you physical pain. I love tease & denial, bringing you almost to release then backing off. A constant wave of pleasure and pain with no end in sight. I can do this for hours, days or weeks. As your begging increases so does my determination to push your edge. You will reach the point of no return only to have my skilled ministrations yank you back from the edge.

As my skill have evolved, so has my deviousness for creating unique scenarios around our mutual interests. If CBT is your focus, come place your most vulnerable area in my hands.