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Available Session Engagements

Chicago and St Louis

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BDSM Session Engagements Chicago St Louis
Hourly – the Classic Domination Session
  • Playtime in one of my well-equipped BDSM studios in either of my home cities: Chicago or Saint Louis.
  • Hourly tribute required.
  • 50% deposit required to secure time. It is nonrefundable if you cancel. Applicable towards session total, of course.
  • Can range from an hour to extend up to 12 hours.
  • 2 hour minimum for multiple activity sessions. Single fetish requests such as foot worship, trampling and spanking may be an hour.
Exploratory or as I like to call it “Visiting the Buffet of Kink”

I know taking the first step into your fetish desires can be daunting; therefore, I do welcome novices into my dungeon. Assisting you to discover your deep kinks in a healthy and safe environment is one reason being a Dominatrix is my chosen career.

For those new to professional mistresses, or unsure of what they desire out of BDSM, my exploratory session is designed to cover a wide variety of activities at a starting level. We go at your pace, discovering your limits and our compatibility.

Conversation is welcome at this stage on our connection.

Immersive Experiences - Overnights or Multi Day: Chicago only

My lovely 1800 sq ft BDSM Studio in Chicago is equipped to handle overnight / multi day sessions which can provide a submissive with an intense level of immersion. Start with intense play time, possibly enjoy a dinner out and conversation then return for more play or relaxing connection. You will end your night in my sleep cage awaiting the next morning. Morning brings more play, usually more lighthearted and playful.

If we have never sessioned before, I prefer to see you for a shorter time period prior to the overnight to make sure we are compatible. If I have seen you, then I would be happy to engage in an overnight with you.

There are a few guidelines for arranging such:

  • I require more than a week’s notice to arrange such. Before requesting a date please check dates with me via email
  • We must have sessioned previously so we both know we are compatible and play well together
  • A deposit of half tribute is to be sent a week prior to our scheduled date. If you need to cancel the overnight, this deposit will be held for use up to 2 months from the original date. After then it is forfeit.
  • A discussion via phone is required beforehand so we are clear on expectations. Overnights do not encompass continual play without sleep. There will be rest time.
  • Your accommodations are a cage, not my bed.
  • You will shower in the morning prior to our continued play.
  • If you have any sleep habits that may cause you to get out of the cage, those will need to be discussed prior to session.
Couples Mentoring/Play

I truly enjoy assisting couples with kink exploration or simply adding a fresh outlook to their play. Adding a bit of spice with someone outside your dynamic can be exciting. Also, I find that there are activities I do that one partner may not be skilled in or comfortable administering.

My one solid rule with couples is that I must speak to both partners PRIOR to our session. No surprising each other. Consent is highly important in our lifestyle and I would not agree to play with anyone who does not give that freely to me.

Unsure of the proper flogging technique? Need to add more control to your power exchange? Schedule one of my educational topic sessions on your chosen interest. Learn how to engage together deeper and safely.

Please send an introduction email to begin a discussion if interested.

Personal Slave

While I am pleased you desire to be owned by me, I do not accept personal slaves from those who have not sessioned with me. When asked about this, my first thought is you are requesting my time for free. My personals all contribute to my well-being and happiness in some format, so please do not think tossing this word in will garner you free play. Exactly the opposite will occur.

I am blessed with a lovely stable of personals so to pique my attention, follow my protocol and session first, proving your sincerity. This will allow us to see how well we get along.

Personal slaves do not focus solely on play but on service.Less your kinks – more my desires and well-being.

It takes a very special person to earn my collar. It requires hard work, dedication and tribute.

At this time, I am seeking to add to my stable with a gentleman or woman sub that desires a high protocol, controlled , intense connection. I am at a point in my career that I seek this type of connection once again.

While I still engage and enjoy single time sessions, I prefer developing a regular scheduled session  with you with extra add-ons of vanilla dinners, travel and events plus daily structure on your end.

If you feel this is something you would like to discuss, arrange your first session with me and we can proceed from there. Possibly with a dinner after.






My Dominance is not encapsulated into dungeon time only. I do not shed it once we are done playing. You may desire to enjoy my company in a vanilla setting possibly coupled with a play session or not. This may include dinner/drinks/ shopping, spa or sightseeing.

I enjoy spending time with a gentleman sub in a high protocol situation where he is in service to me in vanilla locations. Consent is of course key.

Chastity may be part of our time.

It does not include a GFE.

All engagements require a tribute.

You must secure your time with a deposit. No deposit = no session!

Fly Me to You

Not near me? Have you considered a Fly Me to You

I love to travel, especially if combined with kink and service. How delightful to have a slave at my disposal 24/7 where I can lock you up at night, place you in chastity 24/7 or plug you anally while we sightsee? Hidden kink activities always delight me to no end. I love imperceptible perversions.

If you desire me to visit your city or travel with you, I require full sponsorship of my trip. I will select where I stay and how I travel unless this is negotiated based on your itinerary.

Until I get to know you, I will not travel to/with you. Trust is a two-way street as is power exchange and both must be developed prior to travelling together. To do so, I suggest either sessioning in one of my home cities or calling for a conversation on one of my phone lines Niteflirt – Sexpanter links.

I do require one Skype session for face to face prior to travel.

You must be vaccinated to play with me, especially if its a travel trip.

Before I book anything, I require a deposit of half the estimated travel expenses. If the trip does not occur due to your cancelling, the deposit will be held for 2 months for rescheduling. After that it is forfeit.