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Mistress Simone WishList

What Mistress doesn’t enjoy receiving a thoughtful tip or gift from a dedicated submissive?

The enjoyment of a surprise package from a thoughtful client who put effort into finding out my interests puts a smile on Mistress’s face. A small token bought with you when you see me is much appreciated, but will not replace your sincere desire to serve me. The best gift you can give me is your desire to serve and for the power exchange during our time together.

If you do desire to bring a token of appreciation to our session, any of the items listed below would be wonderful. Gift cards to my favorite stores also work very well. Keep in mind, though you may come bearing gifts, if your behavior is not respectful and pleasing to me, you will not win favor in my domain.

This list will not only give you ideas on what may please me but insight into my personality. I tend to be very frugal for a Prodomme, preferring to receive items to enhance the quality of life. Gifts that we can share together in a scene or that enable me to relax are especially meaningful.

Please do not send items to my Chicago dungeon address. It is not secure for mailing. I have an alternate mailing address that you can inquiry to via email

 such thes    Gift cards to one of my favorite stores are appreciated:

Fetish companies I support that have e-gift cards

For relaxation when I am not working, I enjoy manicures, pedicures, and an occasional spa treatment. A gift certificate to either of these locations would meet my approval.

I travel frequently, so reward points for airlines or hotels are appreciated. and are my preferred ones.

Fine dining is an enjoyment. I love to discover eclectic, good tasting cuisine. Visa gift cards to apply towards such an evening are welcome.

It can be difficult choosing a gift for a Mistress, so to make it easier I have created an Amazon wishlist 

This will help you discover some of this sadistic, intelligent dominatrix’s likes and see my most recent desires.


Chicago Mistress’s Desires

Amazon gift cards are always appreciated as I can then select an item off my list. You can purchase an Amazon gift card at a store using cash and send me the card number via email. I also accept deposits for sessions this way. 

All e-gift cards may be sent directly to 

Please write a short “Thank you” when sending a gift card to prevent us getting banned. You may then follow up with a personal note to my email.  Do not mention anything else especially sex work, mistress or domination.

Shoes, Shoes, & More Shoes – plus some boots!
I am a self-proclaimed shoe fetishist. If you have been to my Chicago dungeon, then you have seen my wall-o-shoes. Desire to see my high arched, perfectly pedicured size 9 feet in a specific heel? Want to clad my feet in sexy high heels or thigh hi boots? Gift a pair

I love the following brands:


  • Bra Size: 40 C
  • Dress Size: 14
  • Shoe Size: 9.5 US / 42 European
  • Boot Size : 10
  • Stocking Size: C, Tall, Grande
  • Hand Size: Medium/ 9

If there is something specific you would like me to wear during our session, please order it for me with enough time for it to arrive, or bring the item with you as a gift to the session. Keep in mind, it is best to clear clothing requests with me FIRST. I may already have the item or it may be an item I will not wear. Each Mistress has her own unique style. Mine tends to be gothic, classic 80s-90s domination, and leather. I have a huge leather fetish!

My preferred leather brand is Northbound Leather. They know my sizes so when choosing an item just let them know you are ordering for Mistress Simone.

Don’t forget to refer to my statistics for size information




Tributes & Special Occasions

My birthday is June 26th. My Domme Anniversary is October 12th. Do not forget these important dates especially if you desire to session near one, or are a regular. 

 Also noted will be Christmas and Valentine’s Day. A small token of appreciation will be remembered. 

None are expected but always appreciated. The size or amount of the gift does not matter as much as the thought behind it. Some of the gifts I treasure most are not costly but from the heart.  Knowing that my submissives are thinking of me and appreciate our connection is meaningful to me, especially if we have an established long relationship. Service does not stop at the dungeon door. 

For special occasions or a thank you, I love a good bottle of red wine particularly a Chianti Classic or good quality scotch such as a Glenmorangie coupled with high-end cigars (my preferred brands are Padron or Plasencia) as an accompaniment to tribute or gift. I also enjoy a good bottle of Champagne. One I enjoy is Veuve Clicquot

I accept online tributes, deposits and gifts via my wishtender

Niteflirt, Sextpanther, Clips4Sale and Loyalfans are all online fan platforms by which you can show your appreciation

And any other methods I inform you of when communicating. I don’t engage in Paypal, Venmo, Square or Cashapp.

All these platforms discriminate against Sex workers.

I don’t accept Money orders or Credit cards (unless it’s to go shopping!)

Day trips for dinner and shopping are also things I enjoy! If you are interested in this type of outing, email me directly. These activities can also be included in our session day if interested. Ask when we correspond.


I appreciate you taking the time to learn my preferences with gifts.  When a submissive sends or presents a gift, no matter cost or size, I am always grateful.  To not show appreciation does a disservice to the time and energy you put into choosing  the gift.