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Saint Louis Domination session with Mistress Simone – by maribeth

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Saint Louis Domination session


As someone who’s never been to a professional mistress before I really didn’t know what to expect when I arrived to see Ms. Simone. All I was really sure about was that I liked to dress and be tied up, common enough interests for a lifelong cross dresser like myself, I’m sure.

The sounds of Ms. Simone’s heels as she came down the steps to her waiting area were like little jolts to my nervous system and I know my eyes widened when she first walked into view. She looked even better than her pictures on the website and my nerves that had begun jumping again during my short wait began to settle as we talked to acquaint ourselves together and I showed her the feminine clothes I brought to wear. Funnily enough, she loved the boots I brought almost as much I did when I first saw them and I felt any lingering nerves melt away.

Soon enough, Ms. Simone instructed me to remove my clothing and I could feel the blush as she complimented my breasts, something that I’d never thought about receiving. I guess having a little extra weight worked in my favor this time. After I finished undressing, she placed a collar on me and led me into her dungeon for the first time.
There was so much to see and take in, that I was in sensory overload and she allowed me a few moments to gather myself before placing a gorgeous auburn wig on me, putting my clitty in rope and helping me dress in my blue cowl-necked dress and boots.

After binding me to a spanking bench and blindfolding me, Ms. Simone spanked me with her hand, a leather paddle and a wooden paddle, all while teasing me and taking care to keep my physical and mental well-being into account. I made the mistake of using mistress to address her after a spank and I could tell the difference in hand spanks immediately causing a quick correction to her preferred term of ma’am.

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At one point while bent over the spanking bench, Ms. Simone elicited a very girlish squeal/moan from me that tickled her to laughter and me to embarrassment, though I don’t know why I felt so embarrassed about my obviously natural reaction. If I remember correctly this may have been around the time she inserted the plug in my pussy. All that I am sure of is how delighted she was to get such a reaction from her girl.

Soon Ms. Simone wished to move me from the spanking bench to her bondage table, but when she got me untied and I followed her directions to move halfway up, I did get a tiny bit warm and lightheaded, which she immediately recognized and helped me to sit for a few moments even giving me water and offering a sugar pill after removing the wig and her collar to assist my recovery. Her concern was evident and it was at this point, I knew I’d be returning, regardless of how the rest of the session went, even if it wasn’t conscious thought at the time.

Once I was sufficiently recovered, she helped me change from my blue dress and boots into a red baby doll nightie and secured me to her bondage table by cuffing my wrists and ankles to either side before bringing a couple straps over my mid-section. Then she placed five clothespins down below my clitty, used a violet wand on my upper thigh for a short bit, then used a vibrator up against the plug in my pussy, getting another high pitched moan/squeal that made her laugh yet again.

Ms. Simone played with me for a while until it became clear that while I was trying to remain communicative with her it was becoming more difficult as I seemed to be completely relaxed and entering what she called sub space. All I know is that I’ve never felt as mellow and completely de-stressed as I did at that time so if that’s what sub space is, then sign me up for it.

Again, like several times throughout the session, she assisted me with water and let me recover at my own pace before officially calling an end to our time in the dungeon. The two hours really seemed to fly right by and it was time for me to get dressed in my street clothes and get ready to depart. Before I did though, we discussed our time together and what I thought of it. I believe one phrase I used was “how many times can you say wow?” and that seemed to delight her to no end.

All in all, I can’t say enough nice words about Ms. Simone and how caring, professional and welcoming she was to me. I can’t wait for the next time to return to her dungeon and be her girl again, even if it’s only a few short hours.

Thank you so very much, ma’am, I know I won’t ever forget this!

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