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Prodomme session review by M

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Leather Humiliation session


Upon arriving at the dungeon, I was greeted by Mistress Simone wearing an awesome leather outfit that allowed her to display her body art proudly. Let me tell you that the pictures on her web site do not do her justice. She is stunningly beautiful with a gorgeous figure and an exceptionally warm face. The location was comfortable and very clean. Attention to detail shows through both in her attire, and setting the environment.

Vinyl Mistress

Shiny Vinyl Mistress

In the dungeon, we had a seat to talk. It was really difficult for me to say my fantasies out loud. I had to just say it and deal with the humiliation that comes from it. Hey, humiliation is part of my fetish, right? I’m here. It’s time to fess up and make this happen. Talking to her was like talking to a therapist. She is understanding and super knowledgeable about human sexuality. She told me that when we begin to play, she wants me to talk freely so we are exploring my current limits. In future play, I will need permission to speak. She set the boundaries that our play would consist of different kinds of external physical stimulation. I felt comforted my limits would be tested but we wouldn’t be getting into things that I may consider going too far.

It’s time to start my adventure. She told me to get naked and leave my clothes right there. She lightly slapped my erection and appeared pleased with my eagerness. She tied a small string around the base of my genitals. She fitted my wrists and ankles with leather bracelets that made future restraint easy. She finished with a leather collar around my neck. I was bound on my hands and knees on her padded bench. I was blindfolded, completely exposed, subject to her mercy. At the same time I felt protected. This is a really comforting place to be. It was strangely easy to let go of control. At this time, she reminded me of my two safe words. One for a pause in the play and another to end the play.

She began spanking me with her hand to warm up my skin. She escalated to an alternation between two leather paddles. She would bring the paddling up to a peak and then present other soft, calming sensations. The teasing, pain, and pleasure I felt sent me into a trance. Nothing else existed. My busy mind and my worries of daily life were completely put on hold. Then she brought out a wooden paddle to try. It left a similar sting as the leather but had no give, making it feel incredible. When given the choice, I was surprised that I chose the wooden paddle.

For the second part she had me lie on my back. She told me that some people have difficulty with having their hands restrained above their head. It appears that I am one of those people. No problem on her bench though. My hands could be restrained at my side. Back with my blindfold on, she presented sensations to me that were lightly painful to my skin alternating with pleasurable sensations. Back into the trance I go. Wow! Mistress Simone is in control, but chooses to use that control to give me an experience like no other. She released my dominant hand and told me that I am allowed to cum. I didn’t leave my trance but let my orgasm build slowly. She told me if I made a mess other than on my stomach, I would be licking it up. With this information, I was very careful where I aimed.

She then gave me 10 more swats and gave me permission to get dressed. We reviewed some of what I liked. We talked about things we can do in future sessions that will broaden my experience. She answered questions I had about one of her favorite and oldest pieces. You’ll have to visit for yourself to find out what that is. Mistress Simone gave me something that I’ll always remember. My body was restrained but my mind was set free. I look forward to my next visit with her. I wonder if my lovely wife would be interested in joining me in a couple’s session. Hmmm… Only one way to find out, when the time is right of course.


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