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Community Interview w Shameless Grounds

by | Femme Domme Mystique Podcast

Episode 19:

In these tumultuous times, we all need a safe space in which to express ourselves, esp in areas such as sexuality and gender. Shameless Grounds is just the place to do so in Saint Louis. In a community centre/coffee house/meeting place, the owners strive to provide a comfortable environment for all to meet and discuss such issues. Local groups meet there such as the Littles group and the Submissive munch. Plus they have great coffee and baked goods!!!!

Mistress Simone sits down with the owners, Andrew and Michelle, to learn more about them and hear their humble beginnings in a daunting business area: food service. Coupled with the goal of a safe space, this was a big undertaking. How did they make it successful? What are their future plans? Also discussed is their, kink histories, polyamorous structure and how it works for them.

Mistress Simone believes that while her podcast focuses on Femme Domme dynamics, we are all in this together and valuable resources and great people are ones that should be shared. Thus is 2018, her podcast interviews may include a wider variety of cast members than other female dominants.