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When i arrived at the Studio of Mistress-Simone, our opening conversation made it obvious that we both needed an escape from a long week. When Ma’am asked me what i wanted to do, my only response was “tie me up and hurt me, please.” After seeing the heavy leather bag laid out and waiting, i knew this was going to be the escape i had been looking forward to all week. Rather than Ma’am having me strip to my lingerie so She could remove it in Her own destructive manner, She ordered me to strip, put on my zipper-face hood, and meet Her in the front room because She had the rack ready for me. Ma’am wasted no time inserting me in Her spandex/neoprene sleep sack and securing me to the rack so i couldn’t even twitch. Before i had time to realize i hadn’t even been spanked yet, Ma’am was inserting the inflatable gag and telling me my only job for the evening was to relax and enjoy the ride. And what a ride it was; we were celebrating our fifth anniversary of my submission to Ma’am and She told me everything would be in multiples of 5. i felt the clothes pins on my cock and balls, somewhere between 5 and 25 i think, followed by five slaps from each of five implements. My hood had long since been zipped closed around the gag so i have no idea what was used on me but i was so far into sub-space Ma’am had to remind me several times to answer when asked a question.

After my release from the rack and bag, i was attached to the spanking horse for my corrections. One of Mistress Simone’s subs made a gift of new straps to Ma’am and she tried all of them out on me, ensuring no movement while receiving my spanking. My tampon was replaced with a plug and my corrections began. Again, five implements, including my new neoprene paddle and my first experience with a single-tail, in multiples of five; some just five swats, others in the 10, 20, or 30 range. i was next secured to the mummy table with straps and rope so Ma’am could connect the electrics. She replaced my zipper hood and inflatable gag with a spandex hood, blindfold, and ring gag. The pain was excruciating, exhilarating, and invigorating and when Ma’am added the smoke from a Virginia Slims to the mix, i was begging to go past the point of no return; a request that was painfully denied; i still had a date with the leather bag. The spandex hood was replaced with my leather, sensory deprivation hood and into the bag i went. After the electrical and smoking torture leading to a ruined orgasm, i wasn’t sure i could perform to Ma’am’s expectations but the Venus2000 had other ideas. Once robbed of sight, sound, speech, and movement, i felt the Venus sucking itself into place and my pleasure was literally ripped from my body. Ma’am then left me in the bag to recover.

Sometimes, there is no substitute for good therapy and the ability Ma’am possess to read me and know what will and will not work, never ceases to amaze me. From the time i began dressing for our session in my new black dress; Ma’am exercised Her control and put me a sub-space that chased everything else from my mind until long after i departed Her studio. The one thing i know is that i’m looking forward to the next five years and can’t wait for our next adventure.