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Novice Exploration Session

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By C- 2022

Chicago Session

Our session was far beyond my expectations. I’m unsure why I assumed I wouldn’t enter subspace – and I didn’t even realize I had until you pointed it out, but it was surreal and absolutely incredible. Reading about subspace was nothing compared to experiencing it and that in-and-of itself is something I will be thinking on for a long time.

I appreciate you being patient with me, both during the session and with your instructions afterwards.I had no clear expectations of what I was going to feel. Naively, I think, I assumed impact play would only feel good during the impact itself (and maybe it does for some people) but, for me at least, it was the tingling after and contrast between impact and light touch after that was fascinating (and wonderful) – and, of course, the impact play itself was likely a large contributor to entering subspace.  Looking back, I am able to say I absolutely enjoyed it – even if, in the moment, I was only able to describe it as interesting.

Anyway, beyond overarching themes and on to specifics.

-I loved being collared and leashed, especially being lead around. Being pulled/tugged around, possibly in restraints that make it difficult to do so.

-I am surprised to find that I also enjoyed being disciplined. While there was the worry of disappointing you, when this was assuaged afterwards, I couldn’t help but love the small tendril of fear that came with being forcefully reminded of the rules you set in place and knowing they were to be maintained absolutely.

-I loved the flogger on my back as well as the pinwheel after harsher impact play in contrasting sensation. I enjoyed the spanking, especially OTK (although whether that preference is due to already being in subspace at that point, I am unsure). I also liked the riding crop.

-The blindfold allowed me to relax and focus on physical sensations, which worked very well since I was, obviously, quite nervous. I do think I would enjoy being able to watch as I’m tied up before a blind fold is put in place though, so I can see as well as feel that I’m immobilized.

-I loved the bondage, I wish I had tried pulling against them to be more aware of it. Being tugged around by the rope harness was also fantastic.

Overall, thank you, again, for one of the most enlightening and amazing two hours of my life I am very grateful you decided to take me on as a completely inexperienced and naïve sub. I have learned so much and would be honored to see you again should you like and once means permit.