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A little about me before I talk about her. I’m a young, fit male who likes to switch but can never find anyone to dominate him. I’m fairly simple in my desires, I don’t wish to crossdress or be called names, I just want someone to beat me and enjoy it. Enter Mistress Simone, who I found thanks to the glories of the internet. Initially I was skeptical because her website primarily advertises her as a dominatrix specializing in fetishes but after reading her reviews section, I was sold because of her level of care and professionalism. Negotiation was simple and straight forward. It helped that she drafted a Yes/No/Maybe list beforehand, something I encourage everyone to do.

We sat down and met like people and had a discussion about boundaries and expectations. It’s here that I told her I wanted her to exercise her creativity and just do whatever she wanted within the confines of our boundaries. I’ve asked this of her for two sessions now, and each time her eyes light up. Little did I know I was putting my body in the hands of a sadist who truly did enjoy her craft and enjoy being very skilled at it.

Mistress Simone brings skill and patience to the art of pain. She’s observant and responsive, prioritizing bodily safety. I am able to trust her implicitly, even with more extreme implements such as single tail whips. I could not have asked for a better professional or a better dominatrix. Two hours goes by far too quickly and even though I live far from St. Louis now, I set aside special time for her when I fly in. That time is always well spent.