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good boi

by | Reviews

I have seen Mistress Simone’s website and social media and always wondered what a session would be like. The process started with a simple email followed by a questionnaire and some very non evasive screening. I requested a session in St. Louis that was very easy to schedule.

On the day of the session I was given the address to her dungeon. She greeted me at the door wearing black leather attire looking absolutely stunning. HerĀ  Saint Louis Dungeon is fully equipped with all the implements anyone could possibly want. Every item was a very high quality with the feel of real BDSM gear. I was told to undress and kneel in front of her so we can have a conversation about expectations limits and safe words, rules and boundaries.

She asked if I had any questions and once the session began she immediately started with nipple clamps. She then ordered me over to her bondage chair Which is an amazing piece of equipment. I was tied into with my legs spread for Full Exposure. I was extremely impressed with her rope skills. She said we’re going to start with some CBT (one of her specialties) continuing with her rope skills she tied my balls in a tight package and took the opportunity to slap and squeeze , she seem to thoroughly enjoy my whimpering and discomfort.

She then untied me and removed the nipple clamps. I was rewarded with the words good Boi. Mistress Simone then put leather wrist and ankle restraints on me. She the had me crawl up on her bondage table. This is an amazing piece of equipment with restraining hooks placed all around the outer edge. She put the nipple clamps back on and told me to lay my ass over this round pillow. While laying on my stomach,she ran rope through the chain of the clamps so any movement on my part would create more pull and pain. My arms and legs were secured to the hooks with my ass over the pillow and my legs wide open I felt very exposed and helpless.

Mistress Simone told me she was going to do some spanking now. Starting with some flogging I felt the sting and my bottom warming. She then told me we were going to do 10 with each toy. I had no idea how many toys she had picked. Mistress started with what felt like a spoon of some sorts, each SWAT was just a little harder. The last one was a wooden paddle that she made sure I saw before hand. I think just for the mental effect. With the rope through the nipple clamps every time I jumped the effect was 2 fold. Once again I was rewarded with the words good Boi. I then felt a cool slick liquid running down the crack of my ass followed by a plug being inserted. Little did I realize that was just the beginning of things to come. Mistress the put a sticky pad near the end of my cock. I felt her attaching what I know now was electric wires. She told me to tell her when I started to feel it. The cycle went from pain to pleasure. The entire time Mistress seemed to be entertained by my whimpering and moans. As I was reminded I was not allowed an orgasm without permission. Finally I was unhooked from the electric and the bondage table. I was feeling very used. Mistress Simone walked over to her throne and sat down. She then ordered me to crawl over in front of her on my knees. She told me to entertain her but do not forget the rules or I would be cleaning the mess up with my tongue. The embarrassment and humiliation seemed to please her as I begged for permission, pleading I was finally given permission. As I felt such release, I heard her say : “I didn’t tell you to stop”. Mistress told me I would now beg to stop. This time my begging was even more intense. As she laughed at my predicament,she finally granted permission to stop. I cleaned myself up and we chatted a little bit after session.

In closing. Mistress Simone is a world class dominatrix, her values and skills are exactly what a Domme should be. I felt submissive but safe. If Real domination is what your looking for, Mistress Simone is the only choice. Regardless of what level of submission or category from a beginner to a veteran Mistress Simone has the skills to accommodate. Her years of experience , knowledge and expertise will guide you through the Journey.