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Sadism Defined

Mistress Simone attempts to enlighten her listeners on sadism and what it could mean within the BDSM context. A difficult concept to pin down or clarify, she takes on the daunting task of distinguishing good vs bad interactions, safety protocol, the inner beast that must be watched and goal of one's sadism. Using common definitions and psychological guidelines, she dispells common misguided concepts of what being a sadist means for those of us within the BDSM world.

This will be the first of a continuing discussion as this topic is a multi-faceted and broad concept. Enjoy the beginning of the sadism series. 

Self-care for Mistresses and Dominants

As a professional and life style Dominatrix who loves life and structure control over her slave stable, Mistress Simone knows first hand what happens when burnout hits. Monitoring the day to day structure of another can make one forget to manage their own. leaving time for self-care is vital to all humans but especially those in high-intensity D/s relationships. Ms. Simone discusses what happens when she feels burnt out, how to recognize it and what to do next.

Domestic Service

On this episode of The Femme Domme Mystique, Mistress Simone talks about domestic service! How a submissive can do it to please their Mistress. Guidelines for both Mistress and slave in connecting correctly on service desires.

FDM020: The Theft of Identity Within Prodomme Industry

MsS Femme Domme Cover 011To the left is an example of copyrighted material.

Branding. Prodommes have been engaging in branding ourselves way before it even became a buzz word. Like any good business, marketing and name recognition is paramount. And just like most successful businesses, eventually, someone else tries to copy or piggy back on the original. As many say "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". BS! Mistress Simone goes off on those who steal from professional dominas to make themselves either look good or a small profit using our hard work.

Inspired by the recent upsurge of occurrences.

Luxury of the Internet

The internet- what a wonderful thing. But is it good for our profession and lifestyle? How has the way we interact changed due to it? When Mistress Simone began her journey as a leather Mistress, this tool did not exist. Now it runs everything. Without a web presence, prodommes cannot gain new clients as well as keep in touch with regulars. Dangerous predators can hide behind online profiles on a wide assortment of hook up sites. Even Fetlife has its pitfalls with such. In this episode Mistress Simone discusses how she feels the internet has affected the business and community.

50 Shades of Rant

This week, Mistress Simone brings you an episode of Ma’am’s Rants to “celebrate” the release of 50 Shades of Grey She will tell you what she thinks about this book/film craze, who she thinks it reflects on people who are actually active in the lifestyle, how many copies she stocks in her dungeon, and more. Plus she will recommend some additional books you might want to check out.

FDM014: Mistress Ariana Chevalier of NYC Rubber Studio

This week Mistress Simone sits with Ariana Chevalier of the famous NYC Rubber Studio. Few fellow prodommes have made it to 20 years. Be a fly on the wall when 2 who havr sit and chat about how things have changed, how submissives have changed and what the internet has done to the industry. This interview seems like 2 old friends sitting on the deck reminiscing of the golden days. We both recall SASEs and when our clients had to use them.

What is Service?

What does service mean to those partaking of it in a BDSM setting? There are many types of service, not just domestic: Sexual Secretarial Financial Manual Dress Meal

In this episode, Mistress Simone discusses some of these and how femme dommes can incorporate them into their dynamic.

Pushy Bottoms And What To Do With Them

On this episode of The Femme Domme Mystique, Mistress Simone talks about pushy bottoms! If you want a femme domme in your life, here is what - and what not - to do!

Genisis Domcon Interview

Mistress Simone was lucky enough to corner Mistress Genesis, one of the leading ladies of DomCon, the dominatrix professional industry event held in Los Angeles yearly. Ms Genesis discusses what she enjoys in those her serve her, and what types of play she enjoys. the best section of the interview comes with Genesis sharing her experience coming out to her family, and the self-discovery of her kinky nature. For those who may struggle with these topics, this interview will help one understand you are not alone and all struggle at times with mixing the bdsm and vanilla world.

Mistress Servalan

This week, Mistress Simone has a chat with Mistress Servalan! One of the world's premiere corporal experts, Mistress Servalan of Australia sits down with her fellow caner  Mistress Simone to discuss the skill and technique of their mutual fetish. Sisterhood among Mistresses is discussed and why it is important. Lots of laughs with these 2 ladies who enjoy similar wit. Come to listen in on two of the best disciplinarians.

Bitch - Same as Dominatrix?

On this episode of The Femme Domme Mystique, Mistress Simone talks about being a bitch. Is it a requirement of a Femdom? Or does it show a lack of character? How does it tie in and when is it a good attitude to have. Ways to balance yourself out to enable open communication with those that serve you.


This week, Mistress Simone interviews Cuntress from DomCon! Visiting the US from Australia, this towering, imposing Mistress give a wonderful interview full of laughter and wit. Learn what Mistress Gabrielle values as a female dominant. Where she began and why those who come before are important, especially for a professional domme. A wonderfully fun interview.

Learn more about Mistress Gabrielle on her site


Tammy Jo Eckhart

On this episode of The Femme Domme Mystique, Mistress Simone talks to Tammy Jo Eckhart! Well-known author and lifestyle Mistress living the life with her BDSM household shares her insight.

Mistress Simone of Chicago

Meet Mistress Simone, a professional dominatrix, and host of the new podcast, The Femme Domme Mystique! This is a show about the female dominant mystique, lifestyle, and quandaries. Here we will focus on the female dominant dynamic regardless of submissive orientation. All those who identify as female and dominant are welcome to listen, learn and submit topics and questions. Mistress Simone will share the knowledge she has gained in her 25 years as a lifestyle and professional dominatrix. Topics will range from power exchange, sadism, service, pet peeves to gender identity.

Travel Dates

For the near future I will be concentrating on my home cities.
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As your Mistress, I strive to enhance our time together by exploring both our inner fetish desires. What fun is it for me if I am not engaging deeply with you while playing? I seek to connect, control and captivate you. My female dominant spirit requires your servitude.


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